Jared Speaks About Making “I Am Human” Video With Brian Buckley Band

This part of Jared’s meet and greet was relayed by Redteekal on Livejournal in a convention report. Source



Fan: I wanted to ask about the music video you did for Brian?

Yeah!! Cool!!

Fan: So how many tweets did you get? Do you smoke?

Oh yeah! You know…what’s funny I don’t smoke. And I’d have to, I didn’t have to but it was a story. Brian Buckley does and it’s partially autobiographical about him, and he was like I love….I mean I don’t drink coffee a whole lot and for a non smoker to sit there and have to be around smoke for a while, I was really woozy I had to walk away. Luckily it was at my house so I was like I’m gonna go to my bedroom and sit down cos I am…it’s funny as a young, young artist I went to New York City and I talked to, I went with my school, with my drama class and we went to, my drama teacher had graduating students who went to Juilliard and places like that for drama and he had them come out and meet his current high school students and we were having a talk with a guy and he was saying, we were talking about playing characters whether they are gay or straight or religious or not or they were just a demon, I mean I didn’t have any ideas about supernatural, but he was saying, let’s say you’re an actor and you’re doing a a scene and you’re eating an apple. It’s not Jared saying I like apples, you’re telling a story and I remember, it was one of the things where I got to really do it purely for a buddy you know? And to help tell his story. I mean we used our house, we used, I mean I used my suit.

Fan: Your bowtie?

(Laughs) You know what that tie was given to me! I have the tux. That was the tux I got married in.

Fan: I was gonna say that looked like your wedding tux!

Thankyou very much! Carry on, don’t let me interrupt!

Fan: Every thing we know, all these personal things….sorry.

No that’s cool! No no they enjoy it as well, they’ve become part of the family as well. But yeah that was cool, thanks for y’all support for the work. Very cool. It was really neat to do it, and kinda a feel a part of it, we did it at our house we flew in from Austin, we just got and we were working with five crew guys from the film academy making 25 bucks a day basically just for their gas money, I mean I didn’t, there was no money changing hands it was just like to do it to tell the story of a guy that I love, of a band that I love.

Fan: I forwarded the video to so many of my friends who are struggling with being human and that the fact that in relationships this is what happens.

Yeah. Sure.

Fan: We loved the song, before the video, but when the video came it was..

Cool. And Brian was talking about he how he was made aware of this line of people having signs saying I am human you know I lied to my Mom. So it’s cool and that’s one of the neat things about this profession let’s us do, it allows us to connect to so many people.


One response to “Jared Speaks About Making “I Am Human” Video With Brian Buckley Band

  1. i love the music video i listen to it all the time
    and also i watch supernatural since it first started

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