Natalia Cordova || New Website!

natalia cordova

Natalia Cordova || ©N.Cordova

If you follow the Brian Buckley Band you will, no doubt, be familiar with Natalia Cordova.

Natalia is an Executive Producer on BBB’s albums, appears in the video for “As If” and is an unfailing supporter of the band and her husband, Brian.

Natalia has, recently, launched an official website. In addition to a new blog, Natalia has posted some images of the Brian Buckley Band in her photography section, a biography and lots more.

47dabeec55a45f9f-IMG_3251 d06c646acb70aeb4-2014-03-07_1394152213


Natalia  is a multi-talented, remarkable woman. Her many talents are showcased on her website and there are links to her social media where she often posts her artistic endeavours or speaks about her passions in life.

Check out the new site here.

Much love to you, Natalia! You are amazing! – C


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