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The Band On Stage At The Sayers Club



The Boys Are On Stage!

Photo by Krishnan

Weekly Update from Mike on

A Great Photo of MIke – and where to find him on the web!

Do you follow Mike McGraw on twitter? If not, check out his twitter feed here.

He also has a kick-ass website, with downloadable music, a great blog, information and all kinds of pics and videos. This is a great site for music lovers and it’s updated frequently! Check out Mike’s website here.

Upcoming Gig

If you’re lucky enough to be in LA on August 12, check out the band at the Sayers Club! 1645 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles at 9:30 pm.

A Message From Brian Buckley

Politician and veteran Tulsi Gabbard has been on my radar for quite some time now and yesterday my wife and I had the privilege and honor to meet and speak with her at an event for the AAPI, (led by the amazing Chloe Bennett) called RUN (Represent Us Now: a movement created to unifying the Asian American community).

Tulsi is a human being whose politics align with everything I believe in and stand for. And she did not disappoint. Her opposition of interventionist wars, her belief in Medicare for all, her pledge to her office as a civil servant, her passion, and empathy for the potential of our country was nothing short of exceptional and inspiring. If only, all our leaders shared this sort of authenticity perhaps we would be eons away from the current turbulence we find ourselves in. Her integrity was astonishingly infectious and I left with a renewed vigor to do what I can to see equality reign.

I just hope she runs in 2020. She is EXACTLY what this country needs. And she damn well has my vote. Proudly. – Brian Buckley

If you would like to know more about RUN – check out their website here


A Favorite Song by The Brian Buckley Band

If you haven’t seen this – check it out. One of the most amazing things about this band – is the energy and passion they have live. You can even see it, here in this Stage It video.

The song is “Spanish Tragedy” from the record “For Her”…