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Weekly Update from Mike on tinkercitymusic.com


A Great Photo of MIke – and where to find him on the web!

Do you follow Mike McGraw on twitter? If not, check out his twitter feed here.

He also has a kick-ass website, with downloadable music, a great blog, information and all kinds of pics and videos. This is a great site for music lovers and it’s updated frequently! Check out Mike’s website here.

Music To Meditate By

If you’re like me, you love all kinds of music. One of the things that I find I constantly rely on is music that allows me to relax, or fall asleep, or just chill out. Mike is a talented guy, and he has started a new project that I think is fantastic. Check out the new music he’s offering on his website!

Go here to listen to a sample and for links to purchase.

Mike Has Been Busy!

A New Post About Gear!

New post from Mike!

Update at Tinkercity


Go check out Mike’s page – there’s tons of interesting music information, writing and some of Mike’s work!

Record Review by Mike: Swift by Bill Laurance