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Stage It Show Coming Up!

The Band is doing a Stage-it show on Saturday, October 21 at 2 pm PST.

Join them for a show!!!



A Favorite Song by The Brian Buckley Band

If you haven’t seen this – check it out. One of the most amazing things about this band – is the energy and passion they have live. You can even see it, here in this Stage It video.

The song is “Spanish Tragedy” from the record “For Her”…

Stage It Coming!!!

If you’ve never seen the band play on Stage-it – you really need to check it out. The music is the same…sometimes they try to sneak in new songs without letting us know!!!

Truly an amazing show…well worth the time to hear them!

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But you know we’ll post when there’s a date!

Krishnan With His Upright Bass

Catch the Latest StageIt Show !

If you’d like to see the Brian Buckley Band live acoustically online then go here

There are people in the chat room who are willing to pick up tickets for other people to attend!

New StageIt Show in July

Get  tickets here: https://t.co/yaVWtRKtGK


Brian Warming Up For the StageIt Show